For Managers-

Since 2016 we have offered this service free of charge to all those in need. Anyone who ever needed a job or was looking to hire guards we usually were able to help them. However, due to the immense amount of time required to make all these lifeguard connections we unfortunately must start charging for this service. Currently this platform is in beta testing, sometimes we will charge, sometimes we will not. There is no guarantee that any part of it will work. By 2023 we will be finished the beta testing process. It takes several days to review each request for lifeguards. We expressly do not vouch for the skills of the lifeguards that connect with you. We expressly do not guarantee that we will be able to find a guard for you. However, historically, whoever reached out to us early gets guards. The rest are still looking…
If there is even a possibility that you would want to hire a lifeguard this year, we highly recommend that you organize a private class for us to teach so that you could guarantee that you will have adequate staffing levels for your organization. If you do not have a pool or only need a few guards (less than the minimum amount to run a course) please still reach out to us early in the year as there are many organizations of similar orientation and size like yours.
We look forward to helping you. Don’t wait to the last minute.

For Lifeguards-

There are two types of texting groups, “Last minute” and “bi-weekly job announcement bulletin”.

The Last-minute group is very last minute and theoretically texts could be sent at all crazy hours of the day.

The bi-weekly bulletin in general is sent up to once every 2 weeks; it’s possible that as the summer gets closer it will make sense to send it once a week. We have found that most managers only start realizing that they need lifeguards 3 days before the summer starts.

Method 1: Check your email; the same email address that you used to sign up for the course. Your certificate is always emailed to you by the Red Cross immediately after it is put into the system. Your 6- or 7-digit QR code is all you need to share with employers.

Method 2: Go to redcross.org/confirm and search using one of the three search methods.

Please note: It may take up to 72 business hours after your certificate is generated until it is available here. It will remain on file here for 3 years. Two years after the date printed on the certificate your certificate will show expired (the one exception is the Bloodborne Pathogens course which is only valid for 1 year not 2). Please do not wait until the last minute to recertify. It is very common that people call us right after we finish a course that they could have joined.


No, EXCEPT for the 300-550 yard swim during pre-course.

Yes. Acceptable forms of identification include: a COPY of a Birth certificate, Drivers License, or Passport.

Once we receive your payment their are no refunds.

We recommend buying clothing related items from Finis, The Lifeguard Store, or Swim Outlet.


No, but this course is only recommended for people over 10 years old

Babysitter's Training

No, but this course is recommended for children who are 11-15 years old

No, this certification is lifelong

No, but it can be added onto the course for an extra fee. This would extend the course time as well. The CPR part of the certificate does expire after two years.

Swimming lessons

FINIS, Nitro, or Ripple.

Special Courses

“The purpose of a challenge course is to provide individuals the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and skill competency outside of a formal class setting. Participants have sole responsibility to prepare for the knowledge and skills evaluations. Anyone is eligible to participate in a challenge. Individuals who do not possess current American Red Cross certificate(s) (or equivalent) may participate in the challenge option one time. If they do not pass the challenge, they should be referred to take full course. They are not permitted to attempt the challenge again. Individuals who hold current American Red Cross certificate(s) (or equivalent) may challenge as often as the courses are available and their certificate(s) remain valid.” (Red Cross Paper)

Yes. Baltimore Lifeguard School staff is experienced in working with various student groups, including camps, schools, and boy scout troops. They will customize a training solution specific to your group’s needs. They teach all courses at your location for your convenience.